Wonder Woman

And so here she is. The last truly A-list comic book character to get their own solo movie. And you know what? Not only is it the best DCEU movie yet but it may be the best DC movie since 2008.
There’s no big secret as to why. It’s all simple stuff. Treat the character with respect, write her and her other leads well, tell a good story and have fun. And that’s it.
While it’s true that Wonder Woman is the first female lead superhero movie to not be shit, it’s also fairly basic too but while it may not break too many molds in the originality department, it really is a wonderful experience.

What really sells the movie is the central performances from Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Gadot plays a novice Diana Prince as ferociously idealistic and endearingly naive and puts her endless legs to good use in the numerous athletic action scenes (a central setpiece involving her crossing No Man’s Land out-Batmans a similar beat down from BVS and brings a lump to the throat). Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, a spy during WWI, thankless has much more to do than just be a himbo. His desperate attempts to explain to WW the complexity of the human condition add gravitas to the fun.
Unfortunately it’s not all great. Weak villains seem to have become the norm for modern CBM’s but Danny Huston’s jacked up German general and Elana Anaya’s deformed chemist are AWFUL. No nuance, no interesting motive and, in one scene, cackling like a couple of Joel Schumacher Bat-villains, they are truly disappointing. Also at too many times the film resembles other movies that have come before, the first Captain America, the first Thor and Richard Donner’s Superman are raided for inspiration, and that’s fine to an extent, but the climax hues too close to BVS’s CGI monster smack down.

But in the end, Wonder Woman’s good intentions more than win you over (and it’s a good thing too seeing as she’s back in November thanks to Justice League) and yet another Comic Book franchise is born.
You’re up next Spidey. This year’s CBM’s are 4 for 4, so pressure then.


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