X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Many an amazing moment lie within this movie, but quite possibly the most impressive is how the filmmakers have made, what is in essence, part 7 of a franchise so fresh and new.

A sequel, prequel and reboot all in one, it brings together cast old and new to form a time traveling superhero epic that spans decades and yet never gets confusing or laboured… Sorta like Bamf To The Future (obscure reference ahoy!).
Seriously. This movie fucking rocks on so many levels.

Remember the peerless Nightcrawler/White House attack at the beginning of the second film? This smashes it with two mind boggling, physics mocking action sequences one involving an early Sentinel attack (think Terminator meets Portal) and a jail break led by ADD speedster Quicksilver that could easily contend for scene of the year.
All the cast is firing on all cylinders (although be warned, most appear merely as extended cameos) with special mention to Jackman, Fassbender and (most of all) McAvoy.

When all is said and done, this could easily end up my film of the year.
Plus Jackman gets his arse out (y’know, for the laydeez) oh and if the name En Sabah Nur means anything to you, you best be sticking around till after the credits roll…


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