Guardians Of The Galaxy

First things first… Do NOT go into this movie preparing to scour every frame for clues to Avengers 2, for there are NONE. And this, my dear readers, is a GOOD thing.
Freed mostly from mighty Marvel movie continuity by placing it at the arse end of space is one of Guardians smartest moves as a ridiculously fun and buoyant film can be even more so without the expectation of a preview of a movie not out until next year tacked onto the end of it.
Yes. “Fun”. That word that many a moody comic fan seems to recoil from these days. Personally I don’t get it.
Isn’t Back To The Future fun?
Like those cinematic legends this movie revels in it’s own ludicrousness and is awesome for it!

Obvious show stealer Rocket Racoon is essentially the posterboy for this but truth be told every character pulls their weight (even the dry and absurdly literal Drax has many choice lines).
It may not have the drama of, say Dawn Of The Apes, but Guardians sets out to entertain, amuse and dazzle with a decidedly 80’s flourish thats kinda tough to resist.
Problems? The annoying Marvel trait of weak plotted villains continues despite Cap 2’s rise in nefarious quality. Ronan The Accuser and his henchmen are imposing but thinly sketched and some of the bigger names in the cast seem to be nothing more than stunt casting (we love you Glen Close, but why exactly are you here?)

Pound for pound, however, this could be the purest enjoyment at the cinema this year with the main cast proving their mettle (Chris Pratt is a star in accession) and a low budget director (Slither and Super’s James Gunn) smashing into the big time faster than you can say “I Am Groot”.
All deserve it, as do you.
Your welcome.


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