Captain America: Civil War

Batten down the hatches, tighten those Web-shooters and charge up that arc reactor, because with a resounding “ding” Marvel’s 13th entry in it’s ever expanding cinematic universe has hit the mother of all bullseyes.
As I’m sure we’re all aware of now CA:CW adapts the Mark Millar comic blockbuster of the same name where all of Marveldom’s finest draw lines in the sand because of a new law passed restricting the usage of highly destructive super beings.
The movie wisely employs the vastly expensive amounts of mega-destruction seen in the MCU so far to illustrate the point by wheeling out the third act city levelling of both Avengers movies and it’s this level of self awareness that puts this movie head and shoulders above most others of it’s ilk.
Where other movies (that shall remain nameless) blunder through the concept, the film makers here use a delicate touch to make a touching, tense, intelligent and, above all, MATURE movie experience. Not bad for a film that features a character called Ant-Man…
The juggling of so many characters so expertly not only surpasses Joss Whedon’s fine work on Avengers Assemble, but brings to mind more “sophisticated” movies such as Heat and The Godfather. Don’t believe me? Not a single character is left in the shade with everyone given a chance to shine. From supporting characters such as Frank Grillo’s returning Hydra thug Crossbones to Chris Evans Cap, everyone has satisfying arcs that aid the plot instead of swamping it. Evans is (as always) in fine form as Steve Rogers and Downey Jr may have put in his best turn as Tony Stark yet, with genuine pain beneath the rapid fire wisecracks.

The fact that the film has room for all these arcs and yet still has room to comfortably fit not one but two full fledged origin stories in it’s running time is impressive, that they’re both total scene stealers is utterly stunning.
Both the mysterious (and totally badass) Black Panther and the glorious return of The Amazing Spider-Man is comic book history in the making, setting them up to such a degree that their looming solo movies are free to hit the ground running without the need of any saggy origin stories. In fact every scene with Peter Parker/ Spidey made me wanna cry with joy, something I haven’t felt since 2004 with Spider-Man 2.
And speaking of Spider-Man 2, the prize that movie had for best comic book action sequence has just been topped. As much as I love that train fight, the battle royale at a Berlin airport pips it for pure joy (Ant-Man MVP).

As a near flawless blockbuster experience as your gonna get it’s crazy heartening that the Russo Brothers are also bringing Marvel’s phase 3 to a close with the two part Infinity War. With even more characters to balance I’m 100% certain that it’s in solid directorial hands.
Best Marvel movie ever? Try best comic book movie ever. It’s at least up there.
Nothing to Avenge here. We’re aaaall good.


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