Top 5 Characters That Idris Elba Could Be Playing In The Suicide Squad

When it was announced that Idris Elba had been cast in The Suicide Squad it was said that he was replacing Will Smith in the role of Deadshot. It has now been revealed that this is not the case and that he will be playing a character new to the franchise.

Here are our top five characters that he could be playing.

5. Black Spider

Eric Needham, the Black Spider in the New 52 Suicide Squad, would be closest in look to Deadshot with you only really needing to change the colour scheme on the costume. There have been various Black Spiders in the comics and the character has never been clearly defined so the filmmakers could do what they want with it.

4. Captain Cold

If James Gunn wants to shake things up a bit he could bring in a second of the Flash’s rogues in the form of Captain Cold. With there being no movement on the Flash solo film film this would be an opportunity to utilise this character. Ebla could easily play this cool customer.

3. Merlyn

Merlyn would be a straight swap for Deadshot’s skillset, you are just changing the gun for a bow and arrow. There is also audience awareness of Merlyn as he has been used heavily in the Arrow TV series. This could also be used as set up for a Green Arrow film now that the show is ending.

2. Bronze Tiger

Ben Turner, the Bronze Tiger, is the closest in appearance to Elba and this is the character the internet is crying out for him to be playing. The character is a product of the Kung-Fu craze in the 70’s and has at various time been portrayed as both hero and villain. If there is a character that could have his own film this is the one.

1. Nemesis

The whole world seems to want Elba to be James Bond and this is the closest that DC have to that. In the Tom Tresser is a superspy who joins the Suicide Squad after they save his life and he feels that he owes them a debt. If Elba wants to show us what he could have done as Bond this is the Role for him.

What do you think of our choices? Comment below.

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