Avengers: Endgame

And so here we are… at the end.
A journey that’s encompassed 10 years, 22 movies (and counting) and rewrote the rules of franchise filmmaking to the tune of nearly 20 billion dollars worldwide, is now technically done and dusted – so to speak.
When last we saw our heroes, they were beaten and watching on in dismay as “The Snap” decimated fifty percent of the universe’s population and left them able to fit snugly in a max sized ashtray. Time jump – a phrase that may or may not have a more significant meaning – where the world is in a subdued, depressed funk and so are what’s left of The Avengers. Some are despondent, some angry and some are trying to be desperately proactive, but all want to find a way to undo the damage that the mauve marauder, Thanos has caused.
If it sounds like I’m avoiding the general plot on purpose; it’s because I am. Never in cinema history have we ever had anything like this and likewise, the secrecy surrounding the movie has been practically absolute.
It’s a secrecy I actively want to protect (and so do you) because how blind you choose to go into Avengers: Endgame is probably how much you’re going to get out of it at the end (maybe I’ll do another spoilerific review in a month or so…)

What I AM willing to tell you is this: you are not prepared for this movie.
If over the years you’ve become even remotely attached to these characters and invested in a universe of Infinity Stones and superheroes, the following 3 hours are a cascade of emotions, each hitting deeper than the last. When it’s funny: you’ll laugh, when it’s sad: you’ll cry and when it goes big: you’ll gasp – a lot – because despite the minimal footage officially released, Endgame goes very, VERY big.
In fact the whole final 45 minutes (after an amusingly chaotic and innovative middle act) could quite be the most satisfying 45 minutes of comic book cinema ever made. More than the airport fight from Civil War, more than the finale of the original Avengers; when it comes to pure earned joy, Endgame is more than everything.
It’s extraordinarily nice to see that after all this time Marvel still hasn’t gotten complacent with it’s treatment of it’s characters, mischievously taking some of them in some pretty extreme directions to keep things fresh.
The real key to Endgame are the surprises. Some fun, some nasty, but all unexpected to a certain degree as nothing really occurs the way you think but still turns out the way you’d want. Dozens of cameos lurk around every corner and somehow aren’t gratuitous in the least. Not only is this a more than a fitting end to the “Infinity Saga” but a celebration of every movie the MCU has released, yes, even Thor: The Dark World…

And yet with the 22 film saga wrapped up, there’s no time to rest and watch the sun set on a grateful universe, as in mere months Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into cinemas acting as a prologue to Phase 3. This is a universe starting anew and if the next 10 years are even half as satisfying as the first decade, we’ll STILL be in for an incredible ride.
We’ve collectively “made mine marvel” and now this is our reward but rest assured, this may be the Endgame, but it’s not the end…


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