Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #1 (June 2019) – Review

Writer: Ethan Sacks, Art: Will Sliney, Cover: Rod Reis (Marvel)

A CALL TO ADVENTURE ON THE VERY EDGE OF THE GALAXY! THE COMIC TIE-IN TO THE THEME PARK! BLACK SPIRE OUTPOST has long been frequented by smugglers, merchants and travelers from every corner of the galaxy looking to make their score on the infamous black market – or experience the exotic thrills only the remote world of Batuu has to offer. Beings like the infamous DOK-ONDAR, a proprietor of rare and one-of-a-kind antiquities, thrive on the unique opportunities which abound on the lawless outpost at the very edge of Wild Space! But the evil FIRST ORDER has come to Batuu and the survival of the entire outpost is at stake! The road to Black Spire’s possible salvation might begin in the past…with a job HAN SOLO and his partner CHEWBACCA pulled for Dok-Ondar. The newest chapter of the growing Star Wars saga begins this April with ETHAN SACKS (OLD MAN HAWKEYE) AND WILL SLINEY’S (BEN REILLY: SCARLET SPIDER, SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY) GALAXY’S EDGE – the riveting comic adventure tie-in to the theme park. official solicitation

This comic is a bit of an oddity. For years comic books have been used to promote other things like films, TV show, toys and food but I think this the first time a comic has been used to promote a theme park expansion. This year sees Disney open Star War: Galaxy’s Edge at their two U.S. locations and the aim of this five issue book is to introduce us to the characters and locations that you can interact with in the park.

Ethan Sacks‘ story starts in the time of the First Order. We are introduced to the planet of Batuu and to Dok-Ondar, an Ithorian who can procure the unprocurable, and his den of antiquities. Straight away this is setting up the theme park’s gift shop that is going to take all your money. In real life you will be able to visit this place and interact with Dok-Ondar. But Sacks smartly only uses up five pages of story on this Disneyland advert. A shady group meeting with the Ithorian point out a sarlaac-in-a-jar in the shop (hopefully something we will be able to buy later this year) and this triggers a flashback.

What we get is a classic Han Solo (the Harrison Ford looking one) and Chewbacca smuggling adventure, set prior to A New Hope, that delivers some insight to the sarlaac life cycle. The duo’s chemistry is present and Solo’s voice sound right. Sacks delivers a books that feels like ‘Star War’, a feeling that is hard to explain but you know it when you see it.

Will Sliney, fresh of the Solo: A Star Wars Story adaptation, has a looser art style than what we have become accustomed to in the main Star Wars books as he is not relying on photo reference of actors to tell is story but instead giving us his interpretation of the characters. I wish that this was something that happened across the whole Star Wars line as it allows a lot more freedom in the art and you are not pulled out of it when you recognise where the reference has come from.

This a strong start to the limited series and if Sacks can keep the right balance between storytelling and promotion this is only going to make the park experience more interesting when you final get there.

Next month it’s Greedo‘s turn to visit Batuu.


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