‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Starts In August

For sometime now, Disney has been teasing a Star Wars publishing event going by the codename ‘Project Luminous’. It has now been revealed to be a major multi-part story called ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ that will published in both books and comics. It will also feature stories aimed at different age groups.

The High Republic Era is going to take place two hundred years before the events of ‘The Phantom Menace’ and the story will kick off with Charles Soule’s novel ‘Light of the Jedi’ which will revolve around “a different kind of Jedi, one that patrols the frontiers, a sort of Texas Ranger”. The book will be published on 25th August 2020 which is the same week as Star Wars Celebration.

The adventure will be launched by a galaxy changing event called ‘The Great Disaster’. This will introduce the Jedi of the era to the Nihil, who are described as space Vikings and the one thing that scare the Jedi. They have been designed by Iain McCaig, the artist who designed the look of Darth Maul.

This will be followed by Justina Ireland’s middle-grade book ‘A Test of Courage’, Cavan Scott’s Marvel comic series ‘The High Republic’, Claudia Gray’s ‘Into the Dark’ YA novel, and Daniel Jose Older’s IDW comic series ‘The High Republic Adventures’ aimed at younger readers.

These five stories serve as phase one of ‘The High Republic’ with the promise of more to follow.

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