Keaton to be Batman again?

According to The Wrap, Michael Keaton is in very early talks to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Andy Muschietti directed ‘The Flash’. Keaton last played the role in 1992’s ‘Batman Returns’. Ezra Miller is still attached to play The Flash.

The film is rumoured to be an adaptation of the Geoff Johns written ‘Flashpoint’ series. In that storyline Barry Allen/The Flash travels back in time to prevent the murder of his mother. This creates a ripple in time that makes the present day drastically different. One of the main differences being that Bruce Wayne is dead.

This film version is being pitched more as an adaptation of one of DC’s ‘Crisis’ storylines with multiple realities and different versions of the same characters. This has already been attempted by DC television on the Arrowverse shows which saw cameos from Miller and Gotham City from Burton’s Batman but Keaton did not appear.

It is also being reported that DC/Warner Bros. are looking at signing Keaton to a multiple film contract so they can use him as a mentor character going forward.

This will be separate to the upcoming Matt Reeves directed Robert Pattinson ‘The Batman’ which looks to have been left to stand on it’s own but if multiverses are in play it is only at matter of time before that gets sucked in as well.

‘The Flash’ is scheduled to begin production in early 2021 for a June 2022 release.

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