Spider-Man 3 Is Getting Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is set to appear in Marvel Studio’s and Sony’s ‘Spider-Man 3’. This would put him in the mentor role that was occupied by Iron Man in the first film and Nick Fury in the second. Tom Holland is returning as Spider-Man.

Cumberbatch is also about to shoot the second film in his own franchise ‘Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness’. Both films are due to go into production this month but on different continents, Strange in London and Spidey in Atlanta, so when Camberbatch will work on ‘Spider-Man 3’ is unknown and Marvel are yet to comment on the news.

Doctor Strange’s appearance in this film may explain the casting of Jamie Foxx. If ‘Doctor Strange 2’ is exploring the multiverse this might explain how Foxx is reprising his role of Electro from the previous Andrew Garfield lead Spider-Man franchise.

Jon Watts is returning to direct his third Spidey film which has a release date of 17/12/2021 but at the moment nothing is set in stone.

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