Top 5 Characters We Want To See In ‘The Mandalorian’ (That Haven’t Been Rumoured)

The release of season two of ‘The Mandalorian’ is fast approaching and it seems like every day there is a new rumour about which characters are going to appear. Here we take a look at who we want to turn up that we haven’t heard rumours about being cast or seen on set. All the characters on the list we feel will fit into the direction the story of ‘The Mandalorian’ looks to be going and this is all speculation not spoilers.

5. Chelli Aphra

Doctor Chelli Aphra is an archaeologist and historian first introduced in the ‘Darth Vader’ comic in 2015. She has a deep knowledge of the Jedi and hunts for their artifacts while she drifts through the grey areas of the Star Wars universe. Always looking out for herself she will double-cross anyone to get what she wants. While doing this she has encountered all the major players on the darkside and the light.

If Din Djarin is looking to return the child to the Jedi, which is the quest given to him by the Armorer, he is going to need some help. He appears to have no knowledge of who the Jedi were and is in need of a history lesson. Aphra is the person who can aid him but if she does turn up he better watch is back. This would be her first appearance outside of comics, books and audio-dramas.

4. Bossk

After the events of the first season the Mandalorian and child will be hunted. The rumours are that Boba Fett is already set to appear so why not bring in another bounty hunter in the form of Bossk. We saw Djarin kill a couple of Trandoshans in the second episode so we know the production team already have the creature design and Bossk’s costume is simple and recognisable.

Bossk would make a formidable opponent that would up the threat level for Djarin and bring a great visual to the series.

3. Maz Kanata

If the Mando is on the run he could easily end up in the type of establishment that Maz Kanata runs. Maz has been alive for one thousand years so would clearly recognise the child as being the same species as Yoda. She is also force sensitive and would be able the sense that in him.

Lucasfilm have yet to explain how Maz came into possession of the Skywalker lightsaber so they could use this to close that plot thread. In the Mando’s search for the Jedi he could come across the lightsaber and take it to Maz for answers.

Also, only minor digital effects would be required for Maz to be on the show as the characters appearance in ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ with done using an animatronic. This could easily be repurposed for the show.

2. Hondo Ohnaka

Hondo is a character that has been around since ‘The Clone Wars’ and is on the outskirts of all the cinematic time periods. He was an antagonist for Obi-Wan and Anakin, aided the Rebels, and is a featured character at the Resistance era set ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ parks.

He is a scum and villainy style character that has seen it all and fought on both side. By the end of ‘Rebels’ he considered the Jedi his friends and in a twisted sort of way he had become a mentor figure for Ezra. If the Mandalorian needs some information on where to take the child then Hondo might be the one able to give it to him.

1. Luke Skywalker

If Djarin is looking for the Jedi then Luke Skywalker must be the end goal as he is the only Jedi that we know is active in this time period. With Ahsoka turning her back on the order and Ezra Bridger off who-knows-where following the climax of ‘Rebels’ the Jedi Order is Skywalker. During this time period Luke would have been scouring the universe on his own quest to discover the secrets of the Jedi while also restarting the Order. Luke would have been looking for recruits so there is a good chance he is also looking for the child.

The issue with bringing in Luke would be how you would do it. Mark Hamill is about thirty years to old at this point so you either recast or digitally de-age. The recasting of Han Solo proved that audiences can be very vocal about this matter. We have already seen a de-aged Hamill in a flashback in ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ but it was a couple of seconds in the dark while wearing a helmet. Does Jon Favreau have the balls to recast or the money to de-age? We will have to wait and see.

Which characters would you like to see appear in ‘The Mandalorian’?. Comment below.

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