Cox’s Daredevil In ‘Spider-man 3’

It has been reported by Murphy’s Multiverse that Charlie Cox will return to the role of Daredevil for ‘Spider-Man 3’ and the news has been rehashed by the majority of other sites. Cox appeared as Daredevil for three seasons of his own show and one season of ‘The Defenders’ on Netflix. The rights to Daredevil returned to Marvel this month.

This adds Cox to the growing lists of former Marvel stars that are rumoured to be return in the upcoming film. Jamie Foxx as Electro is the only one officially confirmed but others including Alfred Molina, Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire have either been seen around the set or a costume fittings.

Of course, Marvel Studios and Sony are tight lipped about what is going on but when shooting started Sony did promise a sneak peak some time in December.

Daredevil’s appearance has been rumoured since ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ finished with Peter Parker on the wrong side of the law. Fans have been calling for Matt Murdock to be Spidey’s lawyer in the now filming follow up.

The Tom Holland starring film is due the end of next year.

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